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Limited Edition: Everyday Tote Bag

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The (very) limited edition ROCC Everyday Tote Bag is the perfect companion to carry your essential items for work, errands, or holidays this summer.

This Recycled Cotton Tote Bag uses 99% less water and 50% few Co2 emissions than an equivalent product made from virgin materials.

Topstitched hem at the top of the bag, feature top handles, a printed logo to the front, side gussets for extra room and an internal snap-buttoned pocket for all your must-find-now kind of things. 

How To Use

Apply to your brush, foam it up, rinse it out. Use every time you brush – twice a day. Call for backup if you get stuck. Adult supervision is required for the kiddies – and the big kids (husbands).

How to Dispose of

The toothpaste tube is to be placed in your landfill bin, and the lid is to be placed into the recyclable bin.

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