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Why ROCC is this Natropath's #1 choice
Naturopath, Hannah Purvis, on: Why ROCC Naturals is her #1 toothpaste recommendation in her clinic.
So, you’ve started your very own health and wellness journey – you’re budding with excitement and armed with an excessive number of favourited TikTok videos, you start to take stock of the products in your home.
You quickly realise, that hiding in your pantry, cupboards and bathroom are a whole bunch of nasty chemicals that are harming you, your family and our planet! Yikes!
Then, the overwhelm kicks in, there is so much to change over, hundreds of dollars of chemicals spread throughout your home and more importantly, you know these ingredients are ‘bad’… but what in the world do you switch them out for!?
I’m almost having palpitations just thinking about it, because this WAS me and my awesome mum in my first year of high school. I was suffering from a whole host of illnesses that we just couldn’t get a handle on until we finally got ourselves booked into our friendly neighbourhood Naturopath (hmmm, curious which career I chose after this experience huh? That’s a story for another time).
We quickly experienced the above scenario, and at the time, there certainly weren’t as many awesome natural and clean choices available on the market!
So first off, I hear you, I’ve been there and here’s my best piece of advice: start with just ONE product at a time. & mindfully work your way through your home until you’ve transformed your mojo dojo casa house into a chemical-free oasis!
Today, let’s chat toothpaste!
Some of you may be thinking, ‘there is no way toothpaste can be bad for me!’ Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but there are a number of pesky ingredients hiding in your hygiene tube that aren’t doing you any favours. Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Artificial Sweeteners, DEAs and Parabens… just to name a few! These ‘bad guys’ are a group of known carcinogens, environmental vandals, can cause stomach upsets, and allergies in some individuals!
So armed with that bad news the next natural thought is, ‘but I have to take care of my teeth, don’t I?’
Yes, my friends, you absolutely do! Oral Hygiene and our oral microbiome are so essential for our general health and wellbeing. Good oral bugs support the reduction of inflammation and fight disease/ infection. Not to mention, digestion starts in our mouth, so a healthy oral microbiome is an essential prerequisite for good gut health!
‘But, how do I care for my teeth if conventional toothpaste contains so many nasty ingredients?’
A quality natural toothpaste of course! Contrary to popular belief, you can actually, effectively clean your pegs without the nasty chemicals! Natural toothpaste offers a formula that carefully cleanses, without destroying your oral microbiome, or our planet.

In my clinic, my most recommended product is the ROCC Naturals toothpaste range. I discovered ROCC in my local Coles just under a year ago and it was love at first brush (it even scored points in my back of the label test)!
I love that ROCC’s formulas are founded on coconut oil and sodium bicarb, two natural ingredients that are serious heavy weights when it comes to caring for your mouth! In fact, coconut oil has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic tool for removing toxins and wastes from the mouth via a practice called oil pulling. Using coconut oil in your toothpaste reduces the risk of cavities, reduces gum inflammation, and fights bad breath (aka everything a quality toothpaste SHOULD be doing).
I equally love a brand that’s doing innovative things – I adore the inclusion of vitamin B12 in their Vitamin B12, Mint + Coconut Oil paste, a great addition to my vegan client’s routines.
Above all, I’m all about leaving mamma earth better than we found her, so the attention to detail and sustainable packaging totally stole my heart.