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The Fluoride Debate
We’re big on wellness, and we know you are too. That’s why we want to help you make your own informed choices when it comes to your health. For many, this means paying a bit more attention to the ingredients on the labels of our favourite beauty products and healthcare items, from our skincare to our toothpaste. One ingredient that has developed a bit of a bad rap recently is fluoride. So what is this ‘great fluoride debate’ all about? Is fluoride actually harmful, or is it a simple case of fear-mongering? And what do dentists say about it all?

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in our Earth’s crust and in our natural water sources. It’s also found in things like tea and some seafoods. It’s show to prevent cavities from forming by making teeth enamel more resistant to acidic decay. And stronger enamel means less sensitivity (bring on the icecream!) This is why governments around the globe have opted to add fluoride into public water supplies, in the hopes of reducing dental disease. It’s also why fluoride is so commonly used in toothpastes.

Is it safe?
The short answer is - it’s complicated. Like anything, fluoride can be toxic in large quantities. It seems that in over 80% of cases of fluoride toxicity, it occurs in those under 6 years of age, usually in the event that a child or toddler has accidentally guzzled fluoride-containing toothpaste or mouthwash. Globally, public water supplies are very highly regulated to avoid this fluoride toxicity from happening, and the added amount is so miniscule that it poses no threat. Although, we can understand that the concept of fluoride toxicity is a little scary, with symptoms including anything from gastrointestinal disturbances and calcification of ligaments and cartilage, to renal and cardiac dysfunction, coma, or death.

Fluoride vs fluoride-free
So, you may be asking which choice is the best for you and your loved ones. Most dentists recommend fluoride-containing toothpaste wherever possible, though it may be wise to consider fluoride-free for your young ones who are tempted to eat the stuff! As always, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional if you aren’t sure what’s best for you.

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