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The 101 on Triclosan

Triclosan - not in our paste.

In 2016, Triclosan was banned in USA over-the-counter products, like antibacterial soaps and gels after manufacturers were unable to prove it was safe for long-term use.

But, you’ll still find it in your average toothpaste, like Colgate.

Exposure to high doses of Triclosan has been linked to health issues like bacteria resistance, hormone issues and gut health disruption.

If you’re ready to ditch Triclosan, make sure you buy a new toothbrush too. A new study found that after brushing, more than a third of toothbrushes accumulated substantial amounts of Triclosan in their bristles, which the researchers say could be released into the mouths of people who use them, even if they change their toothpaste to one that doesn’t include the compound.

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