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Sustainable brands
1. A_C
This Melbourne brand delivers timeless, sustainable handbags while prioritizing the planet. Made from innovative materials like cactus and pineapple leather.
Link: https://www.ac-official.com

2. Dirt Company
The future of laundry detergent is here – refillable, reusable and really cute. Did we mention they are from Melbourne too?
Link: https://thedirtcompany.com.au

3. Ethical Made Easy
Online shopping destination for beautifully created ethical and sustainable brands. This is my go-to when buying gifts for family and friends.
Link: https://ethicalmadeeasy.com

4. Jonny
This female founder-led brand produces sustainable, vegan condoms in beautiful packaging.

Link: https://jonny.com.au/

5. Pleasant State
This Queensland duo is making a healthier home and planet possible. Just drop a (made in Australia) cleaning bar into the super-stylish re-fillable bottle and you’re ready for that spring clean. Say goodbye to the plastic bottles.
Link: https://www.pleasantstate.com/

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