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What's lurking in my toothpaste?
We brush our teeth twice a day, right? And yet, how well do you really know what’s lurking in your toothpaste? We’re getting pretty good at better understanding the ingredients we use day to day, from our skincare to our cleaning products, but somehow most of us have missed the memo when it comes to our pearly whites. We decided it was time to shed some light on a few of the nasties that can be found in popular toothpastes, and why you may want to give them a miss.

Triclosan - Great for destroying bacteria, not so great for our hormones. This disinfecting agent, common in soaps and detergents, is under scrutiny as a potential endocrine disruptor. We believe the only things that should influence your natural hormone production are those prescribed by your healthcare professional! In the US, Triclosan is even classified as a pesticide - and who wants to be cleaning their teeth with bug spray?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - That one ingredient that creates the bubbles, and not the good kind! This foaming agent is found in most soaps, detergents, body washes and shampoos. It can cause damage to skin health, irritation and potentially even ulcers, as well as interfere with taste buds. You know that strange taste and feeling after brushing your teeth?

PVM/MA Copolymer - You’ll find this binding agent in a lot of cosmetics and hairsprays. It’s the stuff that makes things stick! In toothpaste, it’s paired with triclosan to help it bind to our teeth so its effects are longer-lasting. Though some say this binding action has a downside, helping bacteria stick around for longer too.

Propylene Glycol - If you’ve dabbled in painting or DIY, this industrial ingredient may ring a bell. In toothpaste, it acts as another type of foaming agent, and is a known case of irritation to skin, eyes and lungs. There are even reports of harmful effects on kidneys and livers.

Diethanolamine (DEA) - Yet another foaming agent with a dark side. DEA is also considered a potential hormone disruptor, and possibly even carcinogenic when it’s combined with other ingredients.

So, forgo the nasties and keep your skin, your tummy, and your hormones happy. We prefer to harness the natural powers of real, fresh ingredients - ones that not only taste delicious, but are proven to create a happy, healthy smile from the inside out. Some of our favourites include mint, coconut, and green tea; superfoods that heal, prevent, and protect all at the same time. Just real, tasty ingredients - no nasty chemicals, no extreme flavours, and definitely no Arctic Blast. Goodbye nasties, hello goodness!