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Huberman Lab unlocks the 7th Pillar of Health  - Oral Health

In the quest for holistic well-being, we often focus on pillars like mental health, physical health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, sunlight exposure, and stress management. However, a recent podcast featuring Dr. Andrew Huberman proposes a ground-breaking addition to this list - oral health. According to Huberman, oral health is intricately linked to mental health, physical health, and overall performance. Here, we delve into the key takeaways from this enlightening discussion.

1. Understanding the Impact of Oral Health:

Dr. Huberman emphasizes the overlooked significance of oral health, suggesting it be considered the seventh pillar of overall well-being. The mouth, often neglected in the realm of holistic health, is a crucial player in maintaining a balance between mental and physical health.

 2. Cavity Formation Unveiled:

Contrary to popular belief, cavities aren't solely caused by sugar or food. They are primarily the result of bacteria that feed on sugar and carbohydrates, producing acid that can lead to demineralisation. Moreover, these cavity-causing bacteria are communicable and can be spread through common activities like kissing or sharing drinks.

 3. Navigating Fluoride and Remineralisation:

The role of fluoride in dental health is explored, with low doses promoting strong tooth bonds. However, concerns about high doses impacting thyroid and brain health are acknowledged. The podcast suggests a shift in focus towards promoting the remineralization of teeth to reduce the risk of cavities.

4. Oral Health Practices to Avoid:

The podcast outlines practices detrimental to oral health, including excessive alcohol consumption, stimulants, smoking (cigarettes, cannabis, vaping), dipping tobacco, sugar, and acidic foods. It also warns against the use of alcohol-based and antiseptic mouthwashes, which can disrupt the oral microbiome.

5. Proper Oral Care Practices:

The importance of proper oral care practices is highlighted, such as using soft bristle brushes, adopting correct brushing and flossing techniques, and paying attention to the timing of oral care. Xylitol was introduced as a potential ally in inhibiting bacteria growth and promoting saliva production.