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Eat These 5 Foods To Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy
It’s no secret that eating junk food and sweets has a detrimental impact on your teeth and gums. But is there a way to reverse it? Are there foods we can eat that will be beneficial for our teeth?
We’ve compiled a list of our favourite foods that will keep your mouth fresh and healthy, and that are just as tasty:
1. Vegetables.
Crunchy or leafy — take your pick! Greens and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, which are important for your teeth and gums’ health. You can rely on your veggies to help you get rid of plaque and harmful bacteria build-up.
2. Nuts.
It may come as a surprise that nuts are full of benefits for your teeth, considering their hard nutshell texture. Yet not only do nuts contain calcium and phosphorus — the minerals that play a vital role in protecting your teeth from damage and decay — crunching nuts also stimulates the production of saliva, which cleans your teeth in a natural way.
3. Mint.
If fresh breath is not the reason enough to convince you adding mint to your weekly grocery list, then you’ll be happy to know this tiny herb packs a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Eating mint regularly can soothe swelling and bleeding gums and kill the harmful bacteria in the mouth. In fact, mint is one of the key ingredients that you can find in our ROCC toothpaste products!
4. Dairy products and lean proteins.
Some great news for vegetarians and meat lovers alike: including proteins and dairy in your diet is a great way to strengthen your teeth and improve your oral care. It includes milk, eggs, chicken, beef, and more. Eating protein-rich foods can help rebuild tissues in your mouth because these foods are low in carbohydrates and sugar that cause tooth decay, and are high in calcium.  
5. Whole grains.
Whole grain foods are a real game changer. Consuming whole grains has been proven to reduce the risk of gum disease and provide your teeth with lots of important nutrients, including the B-vitamins range, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Think oatmeal, barley, brown rice.