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5 Minutes with Eco Entrepreneur Eve Frances

To celebrate Earth Day 2023, as part of our “In Conversation” series, we’re shining the spotlight on the inspiring Eve Frances, Eco Entrepreneur and Founder of Green Up Co.

You’re the Founder of Green Up Co. Tell us: What were you doing before Green Up Co?

Prior to starting Green Up I spent over a decade as an Interior Design professional working on large commercial projects including hotels, co working spaces, museums and high end homes. Although I loved my career I just knew there was something more. After having my little one I really started to think about how I could contribute. I wanted to do something better for the environment, to help preserve the planet for my daughter and the many generations to come.

What is Green Up Co, and why did you start it?

Green Up Co provides consulting, strategy and implementation of green workplace solutions. To help organisations reduce their environmental impact and align their day to day actions with their ESG goals.

Whilst working as an Interior Designer on a range of different project typologies, I identified opportunities to improve the day to day practices of these spaces to make them more environmentally friendly. Working hard to reduce my own environmental impact at home I could see a big opportunity for organisations to reduce their impact and create positive change on a much larger scale. This inspired the ideation of Green Up Co.

As the Founder, what has been the biggest challenge and surprise of starting Green Up Co?

I think the hardest part was taking the leap and transitioning from a career which was familiar and into the unknown. I remember one day where I was documenting a clients existing waste arrangement and taking photos of their bins. I caught myself in the moment thinking how happy I was, I knew I’d made the right choice. My business doesn't feel like work to me, I love it.

What is the biggest challenge your clients face when trying to improve the day-to-day practices of these spaces to make them more environmentally friendly?

Before making any changes it’s really important to communicate the bigger picture, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ the organisation will be working towards reducing their environmental impact. The process is more likely to be streamlined and faster to implement if senior management are on board with the mission or the organisation has an empowered ‘green team’ who can make decisions.

Is there an area of sustainability you feel most passionate about?

I have always been very interested in health and wellbeing and I have found that living more sustainably and choosing products that are more environmentally friendly is better for my health. I am passionate about reducing plastic and unnecessary exposure to chemicals in environments to help create a healthier, happier workplaces.

What do you think are the most pressing environmental issues we face on a global scale?

It’s an interesting time and we are questioning a lot of the ‘old ways’ of doing things and measuring their impact on the planet. Plastic waste is an environmental and human health issue that is deeply concerning. I am so excited to see the innovation in this space and new products that are emerging to reduce our reliance on the material.

What does Earth Day mean to you?

For me Earth Day is about coming together as a human collective to celebrate our incredible Mother Earth, the source of all life. We can all do better to protect our planet and we need to. It inspires the question… What is one thing that I can do today to reduce my environmental impact and say thank you to the planet?

What are your favourite top three sustainable switches?

Bulk Food shopping is a joy for me. Being able to bypass plastic and only buy what I need is a game changer. I love coming home and stocking up the jars in my pantry, it looks beautiful and makes me feel so healthy.

I love my Laundry powder strips, they clean perfectly and are made from natural ingredients. They are so lightweight compared to normal laundry powder which is very heavy and has a much larger carbon footprint due to its transportation.

Reusable silicone Stasher bags are one of my favourite household items, especially with children. I use them for snacks, storing food in the freezer, for storing liquids whilst traveling and I even make microwave popcorn in them. They wash up so easily in the dishwasher and last forever, I recently broke one after 5 years of service! You’ll never need to buy single use sandwich bags or freezer bags again.

What innovative eco-focused brands have you seen that you’re excited about?

It has been so inspiring to see many trailblazing Australian eco brands grow over the past couple of years. Great Wrap, Who Gives a Crap, Single Use Ain’t Sexy, Zero Co, Pleasant State and of course Rocc Naturals! By creating innovative, environmentally considered products they have challenged the big supermarket brands and their presence in the market is informing positive change at scale.

How has the Female Founder journey been for you so far?

One of the highlights has been connecting with inspiring, mission oriented, female founders on a similar journey. I think the higher purpose to help the environment creates a connection between us that allows for an inclusive, open and supportive community. We genuinely all want to see each other succeed for the greater good of the planet.

Interested in learning more about Eve? You can find her via the below links. 

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