Your mouth absorbs what you put in it faster than you can slide into someone's DMs. Or, you know, brush your teeth. It’s why we like to get our minerals, vitamins, and superfoods in tube form. Like B12. Mint. Coconut. Green tea. We think your mouth likes it, too.

Introducing Vitamin B12

Our toothpaste is packed with minerals and vitamins, designed for whole mouth health.

Take our B12 Mint & Coconut toothpaste, for example. It contains the most natural, high quality B12 Methylcobalamin, plus coconut oil to prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Bye nasties. Hello goodness.

We prefer superfoods like Mint. Coconut. Green tea. We think your mouth does too.

Our toothpaste is made from real, delicious ingredients. No nasties, no extreme flavours and definitely no Arctic Blast.

It's a holiday for your teeth. And a sweet post dinner treat.